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Dr Gregory Parker

Making the step to a paperless office is a very daunting task. With the help of Capable 21C and the team at Capable Software Pty Ltd, the transition was completed with less fuss that anticipated. We now only utilise one piece of paper (new patient form) in the office which is disposed of once all the necessary information is recorded.

Going paperless requires a game plan which each member of the office must follow. Capable Software Pty Ltd are able to guide you through each step of the way.

My CA's love the ease of use of the appointment book. This includes easy appointment tracking, changing appointments, making schedules and receipting. Patient recall is as easy as clicking a couple of icons. Patient tracking within the office is brilliant. Multi-practitioner offices are easy to manage effectively.

From a practitioner's point of view Capable 21C has many features which allows quick patient visit to visit viewing, appointment follow-up, and communication with the front desk (a cup of tea please). The image viewer is great for viewing x-rays, and patient documents very quickly. No more sorting through reams of paper to find what you are looking for. The banking/cash feature makes that end of day task a click of a button. Keeping statistics on the practice, patient, and staff is easy to access. Any statistic the practitioner wants to track is right there at the finger tips.

The staff at Capable are most helpful and their technical back-up is fantastic. Capable 21C is continually undergoing change at the request of practitioners so the software package can only rise to greater heights.

If any office is considering a software package for the front desk or the whole office that is cost effective and feature laden then Capable 21C packs a knockout blow. I would highly recommend the product.