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Dr David Hendrey

I have had the good fortune to work in many different countries around the world and in some of the most amazing offices with great set-ups. When I was setting up my dream office, I wanted to have the very best of everything. I looked at a number of different software programs to run the office and none of them matched up to Capable 21C.

I love the fact that when I do my adjustments I can see the patient’s x-rays, the adjustments that we’re providing them, their dreams and their goals right in front of me every time. I love the fact that I own my records; they are safe, in a secure environment and easy to use. One of the most important things for me with the choice of software was having the potential for future growth and a responsive tech team.

As a chiropractic coach, I have helped over fifty chiropractors open up or update their offices and every time, I recommend that they install Capable 21C to help run their offices. It is simple and easy to use, it creates all of the reports and statistics I need as a coach. I can help my clients quickly and easily identify areas for future growth and performance, enhancing quality patient care.

Another major advantage of using capable over other software programs is how quick it is for the staff to learn how to use the program to perform at high levels. Any CA who has used a computer before and knows their way around a Windows format will pick up Capable 21C in no time at all.

Dr David Hendrey
Victoria, Australia