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Build the business you dreamed of when you first started



Manage your patient lifecycle from first appointment to old age, so you don't lose the patients you already worked hard to get

    Process patients faster, so you can both go home earlier
    Empower yourself with reports about the performance of your clinic and your finances, so you can improve your profitability
    Generate reports about your customers and improve the quality of service you provide
    Improve how you manage your debtors to develop faster payment habits
    De-stress you support staff by automating many of their tasks

Capable 21C v1.5 includes:
A copy of and License to use Capable 21C v1.5 at one site on up to 5 PCs concurrently.
Premier Maintenance Plan which includes Live Update & online training access.
A Setup Wizard to help you configure Capable 21C specifically for your business .
Sample of approximately 50 sheets invoice Stationery (Australian customers only).
SMS Messaging Account.

Capable 21C Stock Control Module
Capable Software Stationery

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