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Capable 21C SMS Messaging

Capable 21C supports SMS Messaging via an internet based SMS Messaging Service Portal.  If your office has an active broadband internet connection, you can send SMS Messages directly from Capable 21C at surprisingly inexpensive rates.

Follow the links to setup an account and/or purchase SMS Credits.

Setup an SMS Messaging Account To gain access to SMS Messaging, you will need an SMS Messaging account with Capable Software, and you will need to purchase SMS Credits.  Once you have submitted your order for an account, the account will be setup within 3 days.  Capable Software Pty Ltd will provide you with a secure username and password for your account, and will provide instructions on how to enter that information into Capable 21C.

SMS Messaging is supported in all countries where Capable 21C is sold.
Purchase SMS Credits Once you have an SMS Messaging account with Capable Software, you can purchase SMS Credits.  Capable Software Pty Ltd will automatically keep you notified if your credits are about to run out so that you can plan your SMS Credits purchases ahead of time.

Customers on version 1.5.713 or above are able to access their SMS Messaging Credits as soon as they are purchased.

Customers on earlier versions of Capable 21C should expect 1-2 business days turnaround before their SMS Messaging Credits will be available.

The number of SMS Messaging Credits consumed per message varies depending on the country of origin, the destination country where the mobile phone is currently located, and the carrier.  Capable Software Pty Ltd continually alters message delivery routes to optimise this cost, so the actual number of credits consumed could vary from 1-2 credits from day to day.

Capable 21C will detect when an SMS Message is rejected by the mobile carrier immediately.

Special features available to customers on version 1.5.713 or later:

  • Capable 21C also tracks messages that are delayed (for example, if the mobile phone is out of range or switched off) for up to 24 hours.
  • If the message is not confirmed within 30 minutes, it is automatically retransmitted using an alternate route.  This is done at Capable Software's expense.
  • Some mobile phone companies do not provide confirmation of delivery of the SMS, so delivery cannot be guaranteed to all phones.
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