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Capable Software Pricing Schedule

All prices listed below are quoted in Australian Dollars.

Capable 21C V1.5  
Capable 21C v1.5 Single Site 5 User Licence $ 3,999.00 initial payment
+ $108.90 per month *

A copy of and Licence to use Capable 21C v1.5 at one site on up to 5 PCs concurrently.
Premier Maintenance Plan which includes Live Update & online training access.
A Setup Wizard to help you configure Capable 21C specifically for your business .
Sample of approximately 50 sheets invoice Stationery (Australian customers only).
SMS Messaging Account.

Additional PC licences (only required if you have more than 5 PCs running Capable 21C at the same time) $ 550.00 ea
Capable 21C Stock Control Module $ 599.00
Live Updates Subscription $ 39.60 per month *
Replacement Installation Media $ 66.00
Updated Training CD $ 264.00
Capable Software SMS Credits  
Sign up for SMS Messaging $ 77.00
500 SMS Message Credits $ 108.90 (approx 21.78c each incl GST)
2000 SMS Message Credits $ 396.00 (approx 19.8c each incl GST)
5000 SMS Message Credits $ 880.00 (approx 17.6c each incl GST)
Capable Software Stationery  
Capable Invoice Stationery - box of 5,000 $ 264.00
Capable Invoice Stationery - box of 10,000 $ 440.00
Capable Software Services  
Premier Maintenance Plan $ 108.90 per month* per site (multisite pricing is available upon request)
Crisis Care $ 165 per incident & per hour or part thereof
Fundamentals Training Free to customers with current Live Update access
Advanced Training Free to customers with a Premier Maintenance Plan

* monthly fee runs for a minimum of 12 months and will continue automatically until terminated by e-mail request from the customer

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