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Capable Software 21C v1.5
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Capable 21C Version 1.5 Features:

Appointment Book:

  • Manage appointments for multiple providers
  • Quick booking feature for scheduling future appointments
  • SMS Appointment Reminders to reduce no shows
  • Awaiting cancellation feature
  • Appointment booking for multiple offices from one location
  • Online appointment booking via evisit
  • Colour coding for appointment types
  • View 3 month appointment calendar
  • Colour code times of the day to encourage good block booking practice
  • Block out hours unavailable for patient visits - eg public holidays and school holidays
  • Track missed, cancelled, or rescheduled appointments
  • Maintain booking schedule for resources, which automatically warns of double booking X-Ray, specialised equipment or limited consultation space
  • Manage patients in the waiting room
  • Patient check in via swipe card or touch screen
  • Manage education classes
  • Flag special appointments with colour coded dots
  • Print the appointment book with visit cue notes for special visits
  • See assistance alerts for patients who require particular attention

Patient Care and Tracking:

  • Advanced query tool to generate patient lists for labels, letters, SMS and eMail
  • Superior patient tracking features to ensure patients do not drop out of care
  • Patient groups for easier marketing
  • Reactivation alerts for product sales
  • Track every conversation with the patient
  • Attach patient notes including X-Rays and referals
  • Attach a photograph of patient
  • Generate daily reminder, bring-up and recall lists (distinguishing family members)
  • Send SMS or email reminders, recalls and birthday greetings in just 2 clicks
  • Link family members together for easier contact, booking and receipting
  • Track referees
  • Track patient compliance and financial history
  • Automatically notify staff while the patient is in the clinic that referals are due to be renewed
  • Handle specialist referals by number of visits, or expiry date
  • Track significant events in a patient lifecycle, including appointments, particular services and X-Ray bookings

Invoicing and Receipting:

  • Fast payment processing - one click to bill, invoice, accept payment and print receipt. Zero clicks for prepaid patients
  • Support for third party insurers inc ACC Online for New Zealand customers
  • Care plan support with flexible payment options
  • Manage bulk payment and discount schedules
  • Process gap payments
  • Distinguish and track private and insurance invoices and payments
  • Define fees as well as item codes for insurance purposes
  • Receipt entire families on a single invoice
  • Produce time of visit and weekly invoices and receipts
  • Quickly invoice products as well as services
  • Manage patients on special rates
  • Supports bar code scanning for automatic invoicing of product sales
  • Automatically calculate GST or VAT and handle GST or VAT exempt services
  • Manage all practitioner details including provider numbers associated with insurance companies

Debt Collection:

  • Generate debtor list with summary and statement printing options
  • Manage 30 day, 60 day, 90 day overdue lists
  • Produce statements for health funds claims
  • Only produce statements for patients whose debt is over a certain threshhold

Daily To-Do List:

  • Integration of tasks generated from the various areas of Capable 21C, allowing the practice manager to ensure that regular tasks are performed
  • Allows the practice manager to track all patients on a daily basis (stops patients from falling off the radar)
  • Easy to use, and easy to train new staff on how to use, access and implement the actions on the To-Do List

Statistical Reporting:

  • Advanced statistical information
  • Graph Sales, Revenue, Missed Appointments, Patient Retention, Product Sales, Patient Visits, New Patients, Patient Visit Average
  • Print appointment book statistics including cancelled, missed, reschedule, rebooked, and broken appointments
  • Track CA performance in scheduling patients
  • Track product sales performance by week, month, year
  • Track practitioner performance
  • Print reports by clinic total and by individual practitioner showing products and services by date range
  • Configure products to always be billed to the clinic rather than a practitioner
  • View a block booking report to show you the effectiveness of your block booking techniques
  • Print Transaction Summaries by practitioner showing patients, services and payments by date range
  • Run tools to balance payments between your providers
  • Print reports to show payments to associates
  • Full list of reports: available on request

Financial Reporting:

  • Print End of Shift, End of Day, End of Month, End of Year financial reports
  • Print daily transaction summaries
  • Print outstanding account lists and detailed debt collection statements
  • Print banking slips including cheque breakdowns (accepted at all banking institutions)
  • Print and manage provider balances (credits and debits between two providers treating the same patient)

Paperless visit notes with hotkey support:

  • Full support for touch screens (including iPads)
  • Add regular treatment notes with just one keystroke/touch
  • See care compliance at a glance with graphical symbols
  • Record subject assessments with one click/touch
  • Track Exercise Regimes prescribed, Medications taken, Allergies, Education Programs recommended
  • View up to four images on the main visit notes screen (no limit on total number of images stored)
  • Expand up to four images to view them full screen comparatively
  • Store images in customised folders to ensure speedy access
  • View PIT Medical Reports from with the visit notes screen
  • Image support for digital x-rays, thermal scans, posture scans, gait scans and more

Clinical Reporting:

  • Produce detailed clinical reports including consultation, secondary complaints, examination findings, X-Ray findings, diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended care
  • Produce progressive reports that highlight changes in condition
  • Record psychological evaluation findings
  • Automatically generate diagnosis and treatment descriptions to simplify the production of report of findings for patient insurance claims and legal reports
  • Generate quotations and treatment regimes for recommended care
  • Save templates to reflect the type of reports you most commonly generate

Automated Patient Calling:

  • Have your recorded voice call your patients to treatment areas
  • Have multiple calling messages based on appointment type
  • Choose which treatment areas are active for which practitioners according to appointment type
  • Call patients by their preferred name
  • Display Flash video while patients are waiting in the treatment rooms to receive their care
  • Patients can register using swipe cards or fingerprint scanners
  • Patient notes are automatically sent to the treatment area PC when the patient is called to the treatment area

Stock Control:

  • Track and manage stock levels
  • Take stock reconciliation to manage lost stock
  • Manage multiple stock suppliers
  • Automatically generate stock orders
  • Automatically optimize stock orders to minimise shipping and handling costs
  • Track preferred as well as minimum stock levels
  • Track stock by item, pack, bottle, or even by mililitres or grams
  • (The Stock Control does not ship standard with Capable 21C. Refer to the pricing page for pricing information for the Stock Control Module)

Live Update to the latest version of Capable 21C with a single click

Date Last Modified: 22/03/2017 8:51:26 AM