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Capable Software Company Profile

Capable Software Pty Ltd was founded in 1996 by Michael McLeod (nee Girle) BA (Computer Science) Hons and Dr John Cappola DC (USA).

At the time, Dr Cappola had many years of experience both in the health industry and in the development of software to support the health industry.  Michael McLeod had spent several years honing his software engineering skills around the health industry.

The company is based on the principles of stability, timeliness and performance. The main objective of Capable Software Pty Ltd is to deliver high quality office management software to professional business people. A combination of excellence in product delivery and ongoing support have made Capable Software the most competitive software house in Australia delivering these kinds of products.

Capable 21C (the mainstay product of Capable Software) was the brainchild of Dr Cappola and Michael McLeod. These co-developers were landmark in their recognition that practice management software should be patient-centric rather than invoice centric.  Developed out of the need for reliable office management software, Capable 21C took several months of careful specification and design and then many more months of development before it was released in June 1996.

Capable Software Pty Ltd is proudly Australian owned and run. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, it services clients from a diverse range of countries using the power of the Internet. All upgrades and enhancements, all plug in modules and all utilities and tools are available on the Internet for Capable Software clients.

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