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Capable Software Phone System

The Capable Software phone system is an evolution of technology that has been developed based on several years of experience. Some of the decisions that affected the design of the system may not be immediately apparent, and are explained here in more detail.

The Capable Software phone system operates on a few founding principles:

  1. Our phone system is VoIP based. This makes it incredibly cheap for us to call our customers. Unfortunately, the savings do not go both ways - so it can still be quite expensive for our customers to call us. In essence, its cheaper for us to call you, and we ARE prepared to accept that cost.
  2. Our customers are busy people. They do not have time to wait on hold.
  3. Whilst we optimise our staffing levels based on our incoming call volumes, there may not always be a staff member immediately available to take a call.
  4. Some calls are more important than others.

On the basis of these principles, we have made the following key decisions:

  • NO incoming call will be placed on hold.
  • ALL incoming calls will be ultimately diverted to a voicemail system.
  • Our staff will respond to the voicemail system, and incoming e-mails on a First-In-First-Served basis - with the following exception:
  • Some calls are urgent and warrant an immediate callback. Some people may perceive this as queue-jumping, so we monitor its use closely to ensure that all customers are treated fairly and equally.
  • All customers will be encouraged to contact us by e-mail and to make purchases via our on-line store (rather than in person on the phone).

When a new customer calls us for the first time, this experience may seem a little odd - or even a little impersonal. We do this for two reasons: A) it is important to us that we behave consistently with our principles outlined above, and B) we believe that it helps to manage a new customer's expectations if they experience the 'real thing' from the first time they call.

Date Last Modified: 21/03/2017 4:44:38 PM