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Capable Software Pty Ltd End User Licensing Agreement (EULA)
A single site license entitles the owner to install and use Capable 21C on up to five computers networked at one site. For additional sites or additional computers, additional licenses must be purchased at the prices shown.

The first copy of Capable 21C is sold inclusive of 12 months internet upgrades and patches. Your renewal notice will be sent to you for subsequent renewals. Each licensed copy of the software will carry the upgrade fee per license per annum. Upgrade Periods are concurrent from date of purchase.

A detailed license agreement for both the use of Capable 21C and the Capable Support Services is supplied with the product and should be read carefully before installing the software. If you choose not to accept the license agreement, you are entitled to return the product for a full refund less a handling fee within 30 days.

All Goods must be in acceptable condition and intact if returned.

A more comprehensive document describing the End User Licence Agreement (EULA), your rights and obligations is contained within the Capable 21C Setup Guide. This document is supplied on CD with each copy of Capable 21C.

Date Last Modified: 21/03/2017 4:45:46 PM