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Dr Peter Pedersen DC

Dear John
I had to write to you to thank you for "Capable 21C". After using "PMS" for the last 8 or 9 years I was reluctant to change over, of course, I had to make a we all know, PMS is not Y2K compliant.

Being a slow starter, I asked around, found out what other people were using, got demos from all the software companies (Australia & U.S., you can forget the U.S. programs altogether! Some of them are very inexpensive, but they simply don't adapt to our needs. The more expensive ones have a zillion functions that we can't use, but I'm sure you know all of this.)

Back to the point, I have installed "Capable 21C", configured it to my practice, brought across all of the data from PMS and we are up and ready to go from tomorrow morning, Monday 25th, as a computerised practice. It took us just 8 days of fiddle and play, a few minutes here and there, a couple of learning experiences and we are away. (I have not used the manual yet, but I'm sure it will come in handy for the staff, one day.)

I love it, John! You seem to have thought of everything, we think the appointment book front screen is brilliant, love the drag & drop instant movement of appointments, the preconfigured fees and services, the "to do" list, the fool-proof banking, the patient information. It's all excellent.

Thanks again and congratulations on an excellent product.


Dr Peter Pedersen DC

Date Last Modified: 6/06/2011