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Capable Software Technical Support Policy

Capable Software has a policy of providing ongoing technical support to its customers on a fair and equitable basis.

All customers can contact Capable Software Pty Ltd to report a defect without being charged for calls to do with the reporting or investigating of a defect.

Defect corrections are only available to customers who have a current Live Update Subscription.

Whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure that published versions are free of defects, Capable Software Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for inconvenience or loss of data a result of a Live Update.

Capable Software takes no responsibility for backups. You need to get a PC technician to advise, install and maintain a back-up regime to ensure that you could restore data in the event that your primary data becomes damaged. Our technicians can liaise with your own local PC technicians to help them understand what files to backup.

All incoming Technical Support calls are prioritised as follows:

  1. Customers with Technical Support contracts:
    1. Customers who have complete system failure (referred to as System Down) gain top priority.
    2. Customers who have partial system failure (referred to as an incident) gain next highest priority.
    3. Customers who need assistance in the normal operation of Capable 21C gain the next highest priority.
  2. Customers with or without Technical Support contracts:
    1. Customers who report defects in Capable 21C gain the next highest priority.
    2. Customers who request enhancements to Capable 21C are prioritised as follows:
      1. Enhancements that are funded gain the next highest priority.
      2. Enhancements that benefit many customers, or that are consistent with the strategic direction of Capable 21C gain the next highest priority.
      3. Enhancements that benefit few customers gain the lowest priority.
  3. Customers without Technical Support contracts:
    1. Are referred to the self help material on our website, or offered the opportunity to pay for access to Technical Support.

When you call or e-mail Capable Software for technical support, the technician will classify your request for assistance in one of four levels:

  1. Complete system failure (known as ‘System Down’).  This is when Capable 21C cannot be opened on any PC in the office.
  2. Partial system failure.  This is when Capable 21C can be opened on at least one PC, but possible not any others.  This is also applied when a major part of Capable 21C cannot be accessed (eg processing invoices).
  3. Partially impaired.  This is when one feature is not operable, but when the core functions of Capable 21C still operate.  Most calls fall into this category.
  4. Cosmetic issues.  This is used when the call relates to the appearance or spelling for an item.

Technicians drop other work to respond to severity 1 issues.  Technicians will respond to severity 2 issues in preference to 3’s or 4’s.  All other issues are handled in a first-come, first-served basis.

In delivery of technical support services, Capable Software responds to incoming calls on the following basis:

  1. Customers with Technical Support contracts are responded to first.
  2. If the problem or question is already covered by existing literature or training videos, the customer will be referred to these resources first.
  3. If the problem or question can be resolved immediately, this is done.
  4. If the problem cannot be resolved immediately because the Technician does not know the answer, then the Technician will return the call with the answer.
  5. If the problem cannot be resolved immediately because it involves a change to Capable 21C, skip down to step 9.
  6. All enquiries from customers without Technical Support contracts are assumed to be a defect report, until investigation reveals them to be otherwise.  If the enquiry is determined not to be a defect, the incident is referred to the sales department who will notify the customer and advise of the charges to have a Technical Support representative assist with resolution of the problem.
  7. At its own discretion, Capable Software may determine an enquiry to be a valid training request, and may publish documentation to assist with the enquiry.
  8. If the enquiry is identified as a defect, it is addressed by Capable Software Research and Development as its highest priority, and a new version of Capable 21C will be released as quickly as possible with a fix for the defect.  All customers with a Live Updates Subscription will have access to that new version of Capable 21C.
  9. If the enquiry is identified as an enhancement, the customer is advised of the prioritisation mechanism for enhancements (as described above).

What is chargeable?

Capable Software Pty Ltd charges for technical support on the following basis:

  1. Any defect is not chargeable.  However, once a defect is fixed, the fixed version of Capable 21C will only be available to customer who have a current Live Updates Subscription.
  2. Any non-defect is chargeable.  For customers on a technical support contract, Capable Software Pty Ltd charges the exact number of minutes of work involved.  For customers that are not on a technical support contract, and who are accessing technical support via a Crisis Care call, all work (up to the first hour) will be included in the cost of the call.  However, as part of our internal training program, sometimes a challenge will be put to a staff member who is not the most skilled person to fix the problem.  If this happens, the number of minutes that a more experienced technician would require is charged.

Sometimes, it is difficult to establish whether the problem is a defect or not.  For example, a report may not be printing in the correct font.  Upon investigation, a technician may find that the report is faulty - and may find that the office has not set the configuration settings correctly.  The former is a defect, the latter is not.  Capable Software Pty Ltd always assumes that all problems are defects until such time that a technician establishes that an individual problem is not.

If the problem relates to functionality of Capable 21C that 'could work better', or 'could be improved to cover more situations', this is not considered a defect.

How to access Technical Support

The Capable Software Pty Ltd Technical Support Department for the Australasian Region is open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm aest, excluding QLD Public Holidays and 3 weeks at Christmas when we are closed.

To access the Technical Support Department by phone, you will need to press the number 2 on your phone when prompted.  Then press 1 (for a 'system down issue') or 2 (for all other enquiries).  Leave your name, your contact phone number, the name of your office and a brief description of the problem.  One of our techs will call you back in accordance with our prioritisation policy (explained above).

Alternatively, you can email Technical Support at .

Hints for successfully implementing Live Updates

Before Live Updating, you should take a back-up of the entire C:\Capable directory (or if you have installed in a network environment and changed the default locations, you should ensure that you have backed up the Capable.MDB file where the data is stored, and the Capable.exe file which is the version of the software you are currently running.  Customers concerned about lost productivity resulting from defects should Live Update from a PC that is not used in the normal clinic environment and test it to ensure that the version you have Live Updated will not be disruptive to your clinic performance.

Date Last Modified: 22/12/2023 12:05:53 PM