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Capable Software Advanced Training

Capable 21C Advanced Training

Reporting and Statistics:
Producing specialised statistical reports for the clinic with patient insurance summaries - legal documents - birthday cards - weekly reports - time sheets - report design - debt control - printing and managing insurance claims - private and insurance statements - multi appointment scheduling and report of findings.

Setup and Configuration:
Setup and configure windows management settings - clinic, patients, doctors, services and payment details - implementation of an automated backup procedure which ensures Capable data is never lost - user level access with password protection - customising the To-Do List.

Advanced Features:
Patient notes - attaching images - archiving - clinical findings - provider balancing - SMS messaging - bar code scanners - stock control - invoice, receipt and statement design - adhesive labels - advanced appointment book layout - resource tracking - workflow director - assistance alerts - fingerprint scanning - barcode readers.

To access the Advanced Training Website, you will need your Technical Support Username, which is ataXXXX (where XXXX is the last four digits of the Username you use for Live Updates) and the password that you use for Live Updates.

Visit the Advanced Training website now

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